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Devoting ourselves to others is a wonderful thing to do

To recognise their needs and being prepared to do anything we can

To sacrifice our comfort for the sake of someone else

To show that we believe in the brotherhood of man

There are so many folk whose real needs are not recognised

It is so easy to believe the state will provide what they desire

It’s true to say that the state can provide many material benefits

But there is no way the state can provide everything they require

It’s true that material benefits are very important

But there are many things that prey on peoples’ hearts and mind

The factors which may lead to a feeling of isolation

In a world moving so fast that many folk are left behind

No one has discovered how to package happiness

Contentment cannot be found on supermarket shelves

These are the things that we could provide for others

If only we were prepared to give more of ourselves

If we are prepared to give more of ourselves to others

Small things are all some people need to make them respond

A friendly word or smile on the days the sun forgets to shine

Small things which could lift them from the slough of despond

Lets show ourselves as someone prepared to walk the extra mile

Someone concerned to reduce discord and strife

This could help to feed someone’s hunger for recognition

And bring peace and contentment to another person’s life

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