‘For what purpose?’

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Sing a song that tells of glory
Sing a song sad of battles fought
Sing a song that tell the story
Of the lives, that are lost for naught.

Sing a sad song of far off shores
Of all the bloodshed and the toil
Of our brave folk who fight the wars
Not for love, but for just black OIL.

Fathers, sons and the daughters lost
In a far off and dusty land
Can we ever then count the cost
As with bowed heads we silent stand.

Sing a sad song of Fathers lost
Of our daughters, and of our sons
Can we ever then count the cost
As they face deadly ambush guns.

Do they fight for Queen and Country
When they fight on these foriegn sands
Do they fight to save their honour,
No! It’s just for political plans

Leslie de la Haye

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