For the Love of Thee

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When down on bended knee, I pray my Earthly span will be worthwhile
My dreams, my hopes, for life of friends and family alike to be
To heed the call for some whose heartfelt pleas are not so often heard
A simple act of kindness shown, within a world of cruelty

A difference in lives to make, by simple acts behind the scenes
With selfless disposition, in regard to charity and care
No need of fame and fortune just contentment for a broken heart
A meaningful existence of the type, which only You can see

I ask for understanding, if this chosen path should prove so bold
Forgiveness for a sinner who repents, with wisdom gained through grateful years
To love my neighbour as I wish for he to love his fellow man
To make this world a better place, to do this ‘For the Love of Thee’

Richard Gildea

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