For Our Beautiful Queenie

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Darling beautiful Queenie I tried to write this for you
Last week when you were still here,
I didn’t know then that we had so few days left together
Maybe that’s why it was so hard because my heart felt it.

I try to think of all the good times to try and replace the sad
So I will reflect on these and then you will remember them too.
Do you remember when we brought you home so tiny and fluffy?
Like a snowball so soft and pretty with your black nose still flat.

Scott, Kevin and I brought you home – Kevin carried you over,
When put on the kitchen floor you knew that you were home – and safe.
You showed us that you trusted us and rolled on to your back
From then on you knew that you were ours and we were yours.

From that day onwards you had a special bond with Scott
Lucy and I called you the dog from Never Ending story.
So beautiful – your glorious fur that swirled and waved.
Your fan of a tail that wagged of its own accord.

We called you Queenie because of the diamond in your eye
A Queen among all dogs – with a regal look, we were your subjects.
Beautiful eyes – your eyesight to fade in later years
Those eyes so expressive, our windows into your soul.

Your eyes framed by the silky lashes of white,
No human words are adequate to describe your inner loveliness
The peace you gave us, the comfort when we were sick or sad
The gentle padding of your feet, your sigh of contentment.

You grew and grew into a sleek and graceful young dog
Who took our breath away when you ran, such beauty in movement.
Wherever we took you, even when you were small you were always good
You trusted us and were happy just to be at our sides.

A streak of molten silver fur running through the fields
White in the summer and light gold in the winter
Your presents that you gave us when came through the door
These gifts – your way to let us know you were happy that we were home.

The sweetness of your nature – there for all to see
Your welcoming bark – your rear end waggle – pure excitement
Love of humans who love dogs – attempting to convert others
Letting unwanted visitors know that you were there to guard us.

We took you on holidays, when Lucy and Scott came too,
You loved to run along the beach, new sights, sounds and tastes
The centre of our world we couldn’t think of being without you.
The sea, the mountains, they were all places for you to run and explore.

When Dali came, at first you didn’t want him around and it was hard to share
But then he charmed you with his personality – he became your playmate.
Then the four of us were a family to experience travels together
You loved to sit inside the motor home to journey far and near.

When you couldn’t come with us you went to kind people and met other dogs
But you were happy to be home again – a family once more.
When Dali was naughty, you told him off, he let you be the boss.
And when you were sick he brought you the biggest bone he could find.

But when he left us to go home you missed him, it was hard for you to eat
You could see him still lying on his favorite place
One day he would come to take you home too
We knew this, but we wanted to keep you as long as we could.

You guarded and protected us – with you at our side we were always safe
You extended your protection to Simon, not leaving his side until he slept.
What will we do now when we walk through the woods?
And when I am alone – will you still be our guardian angel?

You trusted us to take care of you whenever you were sick
You allowed us to administer to you, accepted pain without a murmur
You never complained, were always brave and so sweet in every way.
But you instinctively knew when you had to leave us.

Your favorites things were to walk, Streifen, human food scraps and
Just to sit at our sides, sleep on the floor at the end of our bed, be with us.
We are so thankful for your unconditional and pure love
For your unquestionable devotion – for the very wonderful and special years – together.

Queenie, there is one part of my life with you that keeps playing over in my mind
The magical train ride we shared together – my faithful companion
So sweet, so patient, so undemanding, such comfort
With you I was never alone – we looked after each other.

The last few days you tried to tell us that you were going
You cuddled up and needed our touch and stroking hands
To hear our voices telling you over and over that we love you
And this closeness that we have – you and us – mutual understanding.

We tried to say everything we could to you when you were fading away
But I forgot to say ‘thank you’, I’m sorry, but all that we could keep saying
Was – I love you and that is what we have told you every day
First thing in the morning and last thing before you went to sleep at night.

Kevin feels so honored that he saw in your eyes – your goodbye
Then you were gone, that valiant heart was beating no more
No more pain and no more living in this world
But your soul is again with Dali – laughing and playing – forever.

Everyone says how beautiful you are, inside and out
There will never be another dog like you, we know this and it hurts us so much
That we had to let you go, now we have all these lovely memories of you
But we haven’t got you – there is such a gaping space – where you fitted.

We must learn to live life again without you being part of ours
I promised you that I would take you home not knowing then
Where your home is meant to be – somewhere
Your spirit is surrounded by eternal love, as unconditional as you gave us.

We love you forever. July 2009

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