Fire Fight

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Bullets! Grenades!

Flares lit the day.

He ran for his life,

zig-zagging away.

“Man down! Man down,”

came the call,

as shot in the neck,

he crouched by a wall.

Hell broke loose,

explosions all around.

He fell to his knees,

landed flat on the ground.

he fired two rounds:

screaming the result,

bowels protruding,

brains leaking out.

“I’m sorted!” he yelled,

as running away,

he drew enemy and cried,

tears wetting his eyes.

He wanted this fight,

but not any more.

He’d give anything now…

anything, but life.

“Sorry lads, he’s gone,”

said the C.O., dead cold.

“Stretcher him out,

he’ll never grow old.”

Nicky C Jones

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