Fire Fight

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Icom chatter blaring out
Taliban know their whereabouts
Heads down low they wait out of sight
Soldiers prepare for a deadly fight

Cascade of rounds flying overhead
They spot the enemy in a river bed
Firing back, making good their aim
Soldiers now engaged in a killing game

Deafening explosions as RPGs land
Taliban take aim as they make their stand
Soldiers dive for the nearest ditches
Cursing the enemy – those son’s of bitches

Pinned down in a ditch they send covering fire
Soldiers now move to ground up higher
Advantage point now, they can see all around
The Taliban are fleeing underground

One sniper, his breathing now steady and slow
Weapon primed and ready to go
He waits for the order; your turn now son
Take them out, one by one

The fight now over, they head for base
Adrenaline still flowing, there’s a smile on their face
Some very close shaves, it was a gruelling fight
They’re tired and hungry, but thank God they’re all right

The sun now sets on a long hard day
As they recall what happened in their own way
Lessons learned, they lay down to rest
Senses alert, their guns on their chest

Day after day our soldiers fight
Doing what they must, to make things right
They’re facing dangers, it no means test
That’s why all our soldiers are called THE BEST!

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