Fighting Demons

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Every day you face the world
With a smile upon your face
But deep inside there’s a torment
Itching to stake its place

Normally you’re in control
You keep your demons at bay
But every now and then though
They come out to play

It’s when you feel at ease with yourself
That everything’s on track
Those dreaded demons surface
Knocking you right back

They release their evil poison
They drive your world insane
For even the smallest things
Start to be a pain

You feel completely helpless
Nothing’s going right
Everything’s a battle
You see no end in sight


You’ve got to stop and tell yourself
You are strong enough to fight
You can fight your demons
You can make wrong things right

It isn’t going to be easy
This you know is true
But by taking little baby steps
You know that you’ll get through

You do not have to face this fight
Completely on your own
Your family and your friends
Won’t let you fight alone

So when those demons start rise
And fill your world with fear
You only have to say the word
Know that they will hear

Michaela Turner

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