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I wish I had emotions just like the others do
To feel the things that others feel to feel how I feel for you
I want to feel the love if my love for you is right
I know the love I used to have but I lost that in a fight

I lost all of my ability to feel just like others feel
No matter that I know before my love for you was real
The fear or the adrenalin god knows what made it like this
But all my feeling was torn away I feel nothing from your kiss

I think I fear all feeling I am scared to feel anything
I don’t know why it happened and I know you want a ring
But I cannot make a commitment I don’t know what to feel
The only feeling I know is true is the fear that I felt was real

It is true that feelings make us vulnerable and that I cannot be
So i avoid the dangers by having no feelings within me
I cannot be hurt by anyone if I don’t let them get in
So I won’t ever have feelings from without nor from within

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