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I really shouldn’t have a favourite, a favourite of any kind
The fact remains; it seems I have, running through my mind

Long years ago when I was young, and feeling rather sad
Id talk to you, you’d listen then speak, and make me feel so glad

Your caring heart and gentle laugh, Is there for all to see
I thank you for your kindness then, all those years ago, to me

I do not have to make a case, and the entire world convince
My Favourite then, some years ago, and have been ever since

You were His Special favourite, excluding any other
I’m sure it really made his day, when you were married to my brother.

We rarely meet the year long through, to me it doesn’t seem fair
The fact that we don’t see you, doesn’t mean, that we don’t care

To make amends I write this verse, and bring it round myself
To be a favourite Sister in law may mean much more than wealth

I don’t want to start a battle; and I want to keep the peace
It’s funny how your daughter is still my favourite niece

David Killelay

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