False intent

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Break not my heart with your false intent
For I know your love is only lent
As soon your gaze falls on lover new
Proves devoted words to me untrue.

Break not my heart with devious lies
It cannot hold tight such fragile ties
Untrue vows of love, they zigzag wend
You play the part until very end.

Through this tangled web of pure deceit
My shattered heart is at your feet
And as clock of doom ticks ever loud
You still play the actress to the crowd.

Break not my heart with false intent
For soon my anger, I will then vent
For naught is worse, when true love you scorn
Yet to rue the day that you were born.

Break not my heart with devious lies
But ever hear my poor plaintive cries
As from my hurt, I now beg you go
So new heart of love that I might grow.

Goodbye false lover and former friend
Upon selfish path of pain you wend
But never forget on God’s good ground
What goes around, surely comes around.

Leslie de la Haye

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