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A soldier was cleaning his medals when his daughter came up to see what he was doing. Dad what’s that one for, is that one you got for a war?
No weeyin that’s what they called a campaign in a place called the Province where the whole thing made no sense. We went over there again and again some memories from there some good, some that still cause some pain.

So what’s the one next to it the one covered in duraglit ? That, oh that’s for a wee war far away in the sand when an oil rich wee Arab nation needed a huge coalition to lend it a hand. We travelled for miles, took prisoners and dodged mines and barbed wire, and breathed in the toxic fumes of an oil fire.

So what’s the other ones I know that’s for 15 years of undetected crime cause you used to say that all the time, what where the other ones for. The two big shiniest ones are the queens jubilees that’s what they were for the other two for fighting in Afghan and Iraq, two horrible places I will never have to go back

Come on dad I’m totally confused with all those medals it looks like it was your regiment the only one used? Well at times it seemed that way; I was away from you for what seemed like forever and a day. Its not that I didn’t want to be with you, it was what we were paid to do and I promised when you were born to make the world safer for you.
Dad we all love you and know you are the best and we are so proud when we see those medals on your chest

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