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Life as we know it is measured in years
From the time we are born until we die
But time is forever or so it seems
As the years go rushing by
As we wonder whatever went before
We entered this mortal life
How our ancestors managed to survive
The toils , the struggles, the strife
For we are told that for 2000 years
Folks have inherited this world
Spreading inhabitance across the Planet
Where many banners are unfurled
Languages varied and culture too
Acceptance of skin colour or creed
Harder for some in different Continents
But in others it seems easy to succeed
Changed so much from years gone by
From mistakes much knowledge was learned
Politicians could rectify their errors
And credibility could be earned
But life today runs more smoothly now
Than it did in the years gone by
Fraught with wars and conflict
That saw many people die
All these matters are within my sight
Tho’ the future is a puzzle to me
For some tomorrow may never come
They will be embraced by Eternity

Dennis Shrubshall

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