End of Time

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My life changed forever that day
The day sorrows true meaning was fully expressed;
No words exchanged between us, just a connection beyond normal experience

Almost two score years have passed; You have never left me
You have been by my side during every waking moment, through every sleepless night
My life has taken many turns since that fateful day;

I have watched my children grow beyond your tender years
When my sons played with the ball, I was back in a place where time stood still for us both
When I held my daughter in my arms to comfort her, you were there

Why you and not me, I shall never know the answer.
Your happy face and cheeky grin changed forever in one fleeting moment of horror
I tried to mend your broken body; Every part of my being cried out for life

You took the blast which was meant for me;
The lifelong feeling of guilt will not dissipate
I returned that night to say some words, praying for a life of everlasting comfort in a place on high

A life free from hurt and pain, where earthly concerns no longer manifest
You are a part of me, you reside in my heart
I will keep your memory alive, until time stands still once more…………

Richard Gildea

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