Emblematic Wings

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Intro; “In an eagle there is all the wisdom in the world” (Lame Deer – Sioux Medicine Man)

An omen (in its soaring form) to Zeus
Espied before TITANic victory
Ere ‘Legions’ (out of Rome) didst introduce
As standard raised on high for all to see
This “Bringer of the Sun” was part of plan
For ‘Native Tribes’ (twas sacred in their sight)
Creating of the day with open span
In folding same, twud then embrace the night
Elected here as central to ‘Great Seal’
Approved by act of Congress; to espouse
Not one hath asked to change or dared repeal
Else wrath of Gods may fall upon their house
Tho ‘Weimar’ once displayed as part of ‘Reich’
‘Aquila’ soared above their banner’s spike

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