DZ Rascal

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Deep humming sound doth heighten my fray’d nerves
As cold night air comes whooshing o’er one’s form
It’s not all fun and games “For tho’s what serves”
In fact, initial ‘Rush’ hath proved lukewarm
With mouth agape at ‘Hercules’ (Rear door)
I take in dark abyss; once clear blue sky
Then step into beyond, perchance to soar
Pray canopy deploys, or else may die
Bright ‘Glow sticks’ help in gauging distance kept
From comrades who have launched into the night
At ‘Drop Zone’ skills, now shown to be adept
Locating such by ‘New Moon’ shedding light
Yet altimeter sometimes causes sprawl
When ‘Dark Zone’ reaches up to bring downfall

Richard Gildea

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