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My dreams, of late, are vivid.
I wouldn’t call them nightmares,
But I don’t enjoy them
And wish I didn’t have them.
I swim under water
And when I touch the bottom
I push to surface; when I’m there
I wake up as I gasp for air.
Or I drive on a motorway,
Hurrying to reach my goal,
And always make it just in time.
Or sit exams and know I’ll fail,
Then find that I just scrape a pass,
And then I am awake at last.
I go to bed exhausted
When I sleep for an hour or two.
Then, suddenly, with early light
I slumber and my dreams ensue,
Reflective of the way I live,
A daily game of duck and dive,
Where luck makes things turn out alright
Despite the horrors of the night.

Andrew Diamond

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