“Dream Walker”

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I am the one who walks through your dreams, without explanation or reason to be
You witnessed me there on that darkest of days,
when your heart was drowning in grief’s still waters
The joyful abandon, of him playing with friends
Brought to an end in fate’s cruel employ

I was the one attending your Son, his last precious moments caressed in my arms
No time for him to endure any pain, no time to shape the words he wanted to share
The look in his eyes spoke of love for his Mother
I have seen this before and I know it holds true,
when his life ebbed away he thought only of you

What would I say if our paths ever crossed
I have no words of comfort to impart, no healing phrase to
dab away tears
I need you to know that I did all I could
I carry the guilt of a life unfulfilled, all your hopes and mine, crushed forever that day

I know in my heart, that it could have been me
His sacrifice gave life to my loved ones.
He lives and breathes within my soul, where no harm can ever touch him.
“I will try to tread softly in your dreams”

Richard Gildea

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