Dream Catcher

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High above my buffalo robes,
In the wigwams place of honour;
Keeping the bad spirits at bay,
My sacred emblem: Dream-Catcher,
A gift from my daughters own child,
Given with love to Grandfather.

As I sleep, the gift is blessed
By the one great and good spirit
Manitou: The giver of life,
My dreams filter through its webbing,
And before the morning sunlight,
All good dreams pass through its close weave.

Now the Dream-Catcher legends say,
Bad dreams are caught and destroyed.
I awake strong and refreshed,
Set to face my sworn enemies,
Whilst I still pray for lasting peace.
As the days start in the East sky.

Surely as Sun sets in the West,
And I pray for fellow beings,
Their dreams come true. They get great help
From Father Sun and Mother Moon,
To achieve all they want from life,
And hold worlds peace in their safe hands.

Leslie de la Haye

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