Dormant Lies The Passion

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Bereft of loves intention, I linger still in time as was
Each hour was so fulfilling, sharing life’s inherent dreams
One haunting day took thee away, a place I could not follow
My wish, to yet enjoin somehow, perchance upon the morrow

Spent embers counted in my heart, when e’er thou deemed to call
In chambers once where passion dwelled, reclined in sweet repose
Come o’er the ashes rake once more and seek what ye may find
A shadow of a former self, ‘tis all that’s left behind

In calling out, this longing soul pleads not without good cause
Such questions asked from time to time, arise from depths unknown
Wouldst e’er thou lease a promise made, whence sacred vows appear to stand
Or is my fate to reminisce, whilst reaching out to touch thy hand

Richard Gildea

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