Don’t Look At Me

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Don’t look at me from the outside in
Look from the inside out
From the happy soul that lives within
Of that, you should have no doubt

The body that has let me down
Is now my prison, but, I do not frown
The restrictions it has forced on me
Has given me spirit and set me free

Don’t judge me with conventional eyes
No more sorrys with sorry sighs
I may not look how I should have been
You may have looked, but, you have not seen

I live inside my reject case
My eyes stare out from my reject face
I may not live as long it’s true
But, It was my job, that’s what I do

So look at me with deeper stares
Not with sympathy and shallow cares
Let me join in with your fun and games
I am a person, I have a name

Stephen Williams

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