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Don’t do it brother, I’ve still got your back,
just like I did when we served in Iraq.
I can see that you’re hurting in ways I can’t fix,
but find strength in the fact that I’ve still got your six.
The bond that ties us has never been stronger
just talk to me bro, carry on a bit longer.
This is your worst battle, but side by side
we can make it through with dignity and pride.

Don’t do it Sister, and bear in mind
that just like in combat I won’t leave you behind.
With all means at disposal I’ll help you to fight,
whenever you need me and all through the night.
You’re still one of us, however you feel,
we’re here for you now when the shit has got real.
Reach out to your brethren, let us assist,
we don’t want to lose you – you’ll be greatly missed.

BJ Lewis

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