Don’t disrespect our Hero’s

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you are a traitor to your country and to others
Threatening all those widows and mothers
Go hang your head in shame
With the others that are to blame
Because nobody is interested in you

You disrespect real troops that lay there dying
With your bogus soldiers profile and your lying
You’re not fit to lick their boots
You just spout hate out when it suits
But nobody is interested in you

Those boys and girls gave their lives for you
And you don’t deserve their sacrifice it’s true
Your behaviour is beyond disgusting
In you and your gang they were all trusting
But nobody is interested in you

Don’t you think those parents are already hurt enough
You think your profile pictures look real tough
But you stole them from elsewhere
Causing hurt, you didn’t care
Because nobody is interested in you

The bond between the families is so strong
Now everyone knows you are in the wrong
I hope they throw away the key
And very soon you and your gang will see
That nobody is interested in you

Of real hero’s words will forever be spoken
By friends and those whose hearts are torn and broken
But who will speak well in your case
The coward too scared to show his real face
Because everyone will forget about you

Dee Edwards MBE – 20/08/10

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