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On a dark December night in county Fermanagh evil men with murder in their mind sought to deliver violence of the most horrific kind. The occupants of the DERRYARD PVCP could not imagine the dangers that no one could ever foresee.

As the truck approached the checkpoint a solder stepped forward, the road man would be the first victim of the IRA’s devilish plan. As Private Houston stopped the truck and scanned the back he was shot this was the signal for the terrorist scum to attack.

As grenades and RPG’s were launched the truck was backed into to compound as the troops inside took to whatever cover could be found. Sustained fire applied to the command sangar and accommodation inside, the troops returned fire too brave to run or hide.

The terrorists try to clear the compound using grenades and flame throwers supplied by their friend Gadhafi their plan than none of these brave warriors would never ever again see the inside of a NAAFI. The truck moves out to allow the terrorists bring up the next stage of their plan a 400 pound IED in a van.

As the device fails to explode a satellite patrol alerted by the noise of the attack come storming up the road, Cpl Duncan and his troops raining sustained fire on the terrorists as they drive off towards the line on a map that can’t be crossed they approach with the thought at the back of their mind “how many have we lost”

The IRA trumpet the attack as a major success the propaganda loud in the air, but for all their efforts to eradicate the checkpoint it still remained there. Rebuilt, up-gunned and better protected the next attack if it came would be thoroughly rejected.

The IRA that night came upon the Scottish warriors might they would not try that again as they took flight. For years the speculation grew and those involved were terrorists we knew, since then the word has grown that the attackers included one of our own,

But what we must never forget are the memories of those who died that night it’s time to remember and reflect and to all involved give them your undying respect, as we all weep inside we are Scottish warriors filled with pride

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