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Down, down I feel so low.
Trapped in a tunnel, with nowhere to go.
Cut myself off from all my friends,
I’ll work this out in the end.

Dark, dark that feeling inside…
Nothing looks good; I just want to hide.
There must be some people in whom I can confide,
Understanding friends, who are on my side?

One day at a time is what I hear,
No need to live life full of fear.
Do you really need that anti-depressant pill?
With hindsight every mountain becomes a molehill.

Don’t give in to this dark mood,
Fun and laughter can be your food.
Love yourself and say, ‘I am what I am.’
Ignore this hard world you know you can.

Just take the time to work this out,
To overcome a life full of self doubt.
Jesus loves you, the way you are.
You are unique, you’re a star.

Simon Icke

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