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In this world there’s one thing certain
We all have only one Mother
And she’s the one with love endowed
And has shared it with us like no other
When as a child she’d comfort you
And knew the right things to say
Even when you fell and hurt yourself
Whilst you were out at play
But for you and your Mum the time has come
When your roles are now reversed
You are faced with a worrying task
As Mum need comforting or be nursed
To those outside it appears their lives
Are now spent in a prison cell
But when you visit and hold her hand
It’s then that you know too well
That Mum is now in a world of her own
Like you as a girl used to be
Acting out your childhood fantasies
That nobody else could see
So try to set all logic aside
Although I know it’s hard
And try to see your Mum as a child again
Playing in her own personal yard
Give her the treats that you know she likes
Chocolates and Flowers I guess
And watch carefully the look upon her face
Totally free from worry or stress
For she’s in her second childhood
Her welfare is your main concern
Ever hopeful that a miracle could happen
And the Mum that you knew could return.

Dennis Shrubshall

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