Deaths’ Lonely Field

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I was a child of my mother when you came, wrenched us both apart.
Stole the love that I sought, the comfort it brought,
and forced me to hate from the start.

I was an innocent child when you came, stole my precious youth.
I thought my world was secure, knew nothing of war,
‘till you gave me your gun and the truth.

I was a child of peace when you came, dug me a grave in the mud.
Closed my childhood door,led me into your war,
and drowned me in other men’s blood

I was a child of faith when you came, ran with life’s gentle tide.
‘Till you made me a man and then I just ran,
with sorrow and death by my side

Wearing the shoes of a soldier, awaiting my turn to be killed.
In the shadow of the sun, I carry your gun,
forsaken, in Deaths’ lonely field.

Jan Papadopoulos

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