Death of a clown

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For me my Life’s been the theatre
A Thesbian I wanted to be
Treading the boards as a trouper
Join in the joviality
Each role I played was a pleasure
The applause gave a lift to my soul
The stage was my very existence
But now the years have taken their toll
No longer can I be “Top of the Bill”
But a “ stand in “ when they are short
Of players to play demanding roles
In the past for my position I’ve fought
Now I am faced with decision
Shall I wear the mask of drama to hide a frown
Or bring to conclusion this lonesome life
And end my life as a clown
As I slowly walk to the riverside
To slip in the water and drown
When all that is left to remember me
As my body sinks below
A few Daffodils float on the surface
As the finale to my Life’s last show.

Dennis Shrubshall

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