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Hi mum made back safe to sunny Afghan, R&R was great, just getting my kit together no need to be sad, oh can you say hi to dad.

Hi mum just waiting to go up to the Forward Operating Base cant wait to finally get out of this place
Hi mum got your parcel today shared the sweets with the guys loved the photos, brought a tear to my eyes.

Hi mum just got woke up again shots fired by the Taliban spent most of the day stood too with my mate wee Dan

Hi mum its me the pest just back from a long patrol just thought I would drop you a wee message before I head for a rest

Hi mum I’m feeling down and sad one of the boys was killed today he will be missed he was a great lad.
Hi mum off out on a big patrol so will be out of contact for a few days don’t worry its an easy one the sergeant says

Dear mum this is the medic i was there and attended your son i remember it well we got him into the base hospital just after seven, his last words to me were tell mum and dad not to feel sad I will see them again in heaven.

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