Daddy’s Girl

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She sits there in the classroom,
hides her face behind her hair,
no-one must see her eyes or note
the anxiety that lurks there.

Her father has gone away
to serve the Queen in foreign lands,
and she worries while he’s gone
in ways that no-one understands.

She daren’t think of what he’s up to,
really does not want to know,
avoiding news reports and papers
so the worry does not grow.

She keeps her feelings bottled up;
she knows that’s what Dad would want,
pretend everything is normal,
show the world a valiant front.

She bravely carries on,
stays strong, she has to for her Mum,
knowing she must be as worried,
missing Dad and feeling numb.

It’s tough, but there’s no choice,
she counts off each day as they go
until the time that he’ll be back,
but the months pass painfully slow.

She’s as brave as any soldier,
deserves a medal of her own,
but the only award she yearns
is to hug Dad and welcome home.

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