D-DAY….We Honour Your Sacrifice.

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You taught the enemy a lesson,
that we defend whats right,
our volunteers and soldiers,
defending with all our might.

For we did not choose war,
but an aggressor has to know,
no occupation or injustice,
will be tolerated amongst friend or foe.

And as we now remember,
on June 6 of ’44,
we made a promise, that tyranny,
will be banished forever more.

And as we now look at headstones,
we bow for their sacrifice,
and we know so well that,
every conflict has a very high price.

Seventy years have passed,
and what we owe our bravest of the brave,
and we kneel and tears are flowing,
on each and every grave.

And as we remember their courage and valour,
In fields where roses fade.
that some debts can never repaid.

Emad Qweitin

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