D – Day plus One

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No words can repay our debt to them, Lost in raging Foam
Across the sea on foreign land and far away from home
Their memories last for ever more, on now resplendent beach
Our Hearts go out to everyone, with loved ones out of reach
Occupied land they had to free, for nations to survive
D Day plus one had come with many still alive
The lucky ones who soldiered on to make those countries free
A lucky one I came to know, when he came to work with me
He’d have a break and smoke his pipe, whilst sat upon the wall
The cheeky grin and Hearty laugh brought comfort to us all
When much younger, years ago, he played that football game
A simple man, with gentle smile “Old Leather” his” knick name”
He served his country long ago, at the time when I was born
The fields he trod grew poppies then, not loads and loads of corn
Ill health retirement took its toll; some one lost a favourite Son
So thankful that I met this man, who was at D – Day plus One?

David Killelay

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