Crocodilian Rock

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A remember when a wus young
Not sae choosy then as a’ve become
Checkin’ bands and Barbie clones
Downed a few warm Bevy’s, had nae girl o’ my own
Then the biggest ‘chick’ around our block
Did her “Thang,” in a pair o’ plastic Croc’s
Whilst thae other girls were dancing down the ‘Hop’
She went shopping, fae a pair o’ ‘Bobby Socks’
Well, ma knees were ‘knockin’ and ma eyes were ‘poppin’
Ma poor heart, ‘wouldnae be still
A couldnae think o’ a better rhyme and a guess a never will
Ma poor dear Mama had such a fright
When ma floozy came a callin’ in a pair o’ tights
An a short wee kilt that was far tae tight, far tae ti…ght..ight…ight

Richard Gildea

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