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There’s a lovely little village
On the north coast of Devon
That stands out in my memory
For it’s quaint and it’s historic
A never changing example
Still there for everyone to see
Old cottages and shops
In a setting of great beauty
Evidence of many a bygone era
Carefully managed as a Civic duty
As you stand 400 feet high on the hill top
And the Sea comes into view
Down an ancient cobbled causeway
That you’ll soon be walking through
It’s downwards ever downwards
O’er the steps and slopes you travel
Passing all the antiquated buildings and shops
And your puzzled thoughts un-ravel
In wonderment at the way this village
Has stood the tests of time
To transport goods and chattels
To this Devon heritage sublime
Where conventional vehicles are forbidden
And only sledges are used
Which mystifies many of the visitors
Leaving some of them confused
All done to preserve the cobbled slopes
That to the 16th Century date
The value of this part of Devon’s history
Is difficult to estimate
There’s a sleepy little harbour
Boats hustling to & fro’
Mostly powered my diesel engines
But still some the stalwarts row
Fishermen still ply their trade today
On the quay with their catch or mending the nets
Ever conscious of the visitors eyes
Or perils of the Sea without regrets
There are Cream Teas or Sea Food on offer
Or a Sandwich with a beer or two
In a perfectly placed Hotel on the Quayside
Attracting customers as they’re passing through
Dickens, Kingsley and Turner
Just a few of the names from the past
All fell for the charm of Clovelley
Where the hands of time never seem to run fast
And when you have seen all the sights there
It’s time to return to the real world once more
You’re faced with a mountainous half mile climb
Which you’ll find is no mean chore
In the past the only transport was by Donkey
Now pensioned off as things of the past
And you can now return by Landrover
Less tiring and twice as fast
But I’m sure that after your visit
You will often turn over in your mind
The places you’ve visited over the years
Tho’ not many as quaint you will find
And as you leave the delights of this north Devon village
And the thoughts on your visit you’ve reviewed
Drive south just a little further into Cornwall
To the nice sandy beaches of Bude.,

Dennis Shrubshall

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