Clouded Angels

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I rush to him and cradle in embrace of sorrowed kind
Should energy of life’s flow, ‘twixt our coupled bodies hold
Twisted shadowed shoulder, casting image fleet upon my mind
To cry out in the knowledge of despair, again to be so bold

Shout the heavens chorus, far beyond the reach of man
Enjoined with humankind, this futile effort to espy
An image of Elysian fields, peopled by the ones who can
Mercy ministrations, in scheme of mortal penance to rely

Involved beyond eternity, persistent struggle of the heart
I seek no more to blame the carried innocence that’s held within
Considered options weighed upon the day, unfolding from the start
Could I have begged to differ with conclusion of the spirits whim

Spare judgements hand of wrath, waving wildly in the wind
The gavel of determined justice, seeks to find a darkened soul
Perpetrators, conscience clear, in surety they have not sinned
Fell foul of clouded angels, in chambers deep and black as coal

Richard Gildea

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