Christmas time

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John opened his eyes on Christmas day a season of goodwill to all some say

Over 30 years now since that Christmas day that he held his friend in his arms his life ebbing away

25th December 1967 a 19 year old marine slipped quietly away to heaven

John cried so much in the jungle that day that they sent him to the rear not in a sleigh

But a helicopter full of injured dying marines with iv’s in their arms, they are still in his dreams

His grandson said `grandpa, look what I got grandpa thanks

As he tore open his present containing toy soldiers and tanks

With a tear in his eye john went back to his room

His grandson said `please play with me, why are you leaving so soon? `

John opened a shoe box inside his medals and a card

He trembled and he sobbed tears making it so hard

To read the words his friend had wrote that day in Vietnam

Happy Christmas john enjoy new year in the rear

From a fellow New York yanky



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