After all – ‘luck is what you make it’.

Sarah’s fingers crept slowly through the clover scented meadow grass; parting it gently she repeated the count in her head, ‘One, two, three – one, two, three - one, two, three’. In the half an hour of painstaking searching, she had never reached the magic four. Sighing with increased doubt…
Jan Hedger
25th May 2020

‘Christmas Selection’ (gone wrong)

Dateline: Weekend prior to Christmas 1971 Place: Royal Engineers Regiment – ‘Assaye Barracks’ Nienburg - West Germany I had occasion between “Rufty Tufty” assignments overseas, to rest my weary bones (upon my Army issue steel framed bed). This was one such time, when normally as a rule I would be…
Richard Gildea
26th December 2014

The Brother’s

The two brothers sat opposite each other, there was no love lost between them, even though they were identical twins, they had an intense dislike for each other, well at least John had for Brian. Being the eldest by thirty six minutes, John always thought that Brian was their mothers…
Peter Bruffell
21st November 2013


Mary Smith sighed as she prepared her meagre evening meal. Bloody rationing… As if life were not miserable enough, what with the bombing, people going away, close friends and acquaintances wiped out overnight with no chance to say goodbye properly; I mean, you just carried on as usual (as much…
Terry Alexander
27th May 2013

The Unlucky Puddle

My friend Lee Harper was a Signaller undertaking a 2 week arduous ‘cadre’ course on the cold Catterick training area that anybody who has served there knows is rather cold in January. Lee, along with myself and 30 or so other young Royal Signals soldiers were trying our best to…
Dougie Icke
15th February 2012

Three Birthday presents

Mark and John lived just round the corner from each other in London, with their parents. Both families had struggled a bit to afford it, but they had been able to give their sons a good education. In fact, Mark and John had been best friends since they were at…
Paul Ballard-Whyte
12th July 2011

That day in his mind

“Ladies and Gentleman, in a few moments time we will be arriving into London Euston, our final station call for this journey - all change please” As the train door slid slowly open, he was welcomed to the big smoke. Lifting his suitcase, Karl took a long deep breath filling…
Karl McLeish
6th November 2010

Be on your Guard

Seven am, still a trifle pissed from the night before is not the best time to be swaying off the end of a sharp pitchfork in any stable! Let alone those at the end of the mall. “How’s your head Jones?” I asked though I didn’t care! You see I…
Karl McLeish
6th November 2010

Spilt milk

The wood was darker than she imagined and the noises of the scurrying animals frightened her more than she would admit. It had seemed such a good idea to run away from home and escape the inevitable punishment that must surely have followed after spilling the contents of the milk…
Don Holmes
2nd October 2010