Taraxacum officinale

Dried I am tea In root I am coffee I cleanse, I purify, restore balance. As wine I am a flavourful tonic; never meant to be the gardeners nemesis but the Chef’s friend tossed in a summer salad garnished with pansies. I am dandelion and when I seed I blow…
Jan Hedger
22nd May 2020

“Tae a Virus”

Twa months ago, we didna ken, yer name or ocht aboot ye But lots of things have changed since then, I really must salute ye Yer spreading rate is quite intense, yer feeding like a gannet Disruption caused, is so immense, ye’ve shaken oor wee planet. Corona used tae be…
19th March 2020


Here I sit on a lonely park bench, I try hard to forget the shallow, dark trench, I try hard to forget the filth and blood, And the bodies of friends lying in the mud. I try to forget that feeling of fear, As a German patrol drew closer and…
Oliver Simms
18th October 2019

Illusion 2

Multiple colours here are seen Golds and Yellows, Grey and Green Opal Brown and Red as well What it all means is hard to foretell Looking from above at what is seen Could be depicting a fearsome ravine Waters rushing down each side Creating havoc as they collide With rocks…
Dennis Shrubshall
28th November 2018

Demons of the Night

Thoughts go rushing through my head As I sit here and write As another day is ending Once again the fading light I close my eyes for inspiration Looking neither left or right Will I be accompanied By the Princes or Demons of the night I’m searching deep within me…
Dennis Shrubshall
28th November 2018


We Remember. We remember them now gone. Those lives of our farther, sons, mothers, daughters. Sacrifices given in blood, upon a foreign place and murky field. Many have left upon great ships. Returned but a few to tread the streets of dear Blighty once more. Of home. War's bitter harvest…
Adam C Mitchell
11th November 2018


In Flanders fields where memories sleep In Flanders fieds where the war has reaped In Flanders fields where war was held In Flanders fields where the troops loudly yelled. When the dogs barked, sniffing out the bombs A ton of troops had already gone you can hear the fire of…
Olly Davies
17th November 2017


I’ve tried so hard to understand The thoughts behind a killer’s hand How a young boy filled with hate Can murder, maim - not hesitate To kill his classmates, teacher, friends With no remorse for how it ends And we, society, have no shame By saying that we’re not to…
Don Holmes
15th November 2017

The​ ​Day

Eleven,Eleven,Eleven The​ ​Day​ ​tolled​ ​out, Unheard​ ​by​ ​those​ ​who Toiled​ ​wearily​ ​on​ ​Young​ ​and​ ​Old. Eleven,Eleven,Eleven Hold​ ​On!​ ​Screamed​ ​the​ ​Day. Unheard​ ​again​ ​by​ ​tired Soldiers​ ​who​ ​heard​ ​only​ ​their Own​ ​chant- Tomorrow,Tomorrow,Tomorrow Will​ ​be​ ​better. Eleven,Eleven,Eleven Your​ ​Better​ ​Tomorrow​ ​is​ ​Today Whispered​ ​the​ ​Day​ ​to​ ​the​ ​fallen, Who​ ​whispered​…
Hannah Marie Hughes
13th November 2017