Broken Hearted

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I think I heard a heart break the other day,
When the soft southern winds were sighing
I saw flowers in the fields all bow their heads
And the cat-willow trees were crying.

I know I heard a heart break the other day
When the heavens wept their salty tears
The waves broke sadly upon dark barren shores
And the morning sun did not appear.

Was it your heart breaking on that morning grey?
Or the echo of my deepest fear
Was it because you had never meant to leave?
And the sound was just your falling tear.

Our deepest love was more than just heaven sent
It was never meant to be broken
That cold sound sent shivers down my very spine
I remember loves words unspoken.

Sweetest love of mine please let me gently say
that my love for you stays ever strong
Let me gather up your heart so badly hurt
Place it next to mine, where it belongs.

Is that the beating sound of a healthy heart?
With its break so nicely mended
Your warm loving heart now sits alongside mine
And there we know it was intended.

Leslie de la Haye

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