Breathe Slowly in the Air.

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Breathe slowly in the air,
Fill your lungs with peace and care,
The picture from the eye, perfection,
Mind barred against any insurrection.

Every movement multiplies tenfold,
So relax and do nothing bold,
The needle of the sight,
Resting below the patch of white.

Rising and falling with ever intake,
Making sure there is no mistake,
Just at the right moment hold,
Hold your air, the shot is foretold.

Now… slowly…squeeze,
But be wary of a sudden breeze,
So not pull with a sudden snatch,
Because that can forfeit the match.

Squeeze slowly for you have time,
Squeeze slowly so you can hit a dime,
Then it speaks, more like a shout,
Into your eardrums with a clout.

You know exactly where that went,
With the bouncing casing that’s now spent,
Relax… repose… prepare,
Breathe slowly in the air.

29 Jun 10

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