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Damn clock,
Seems to tick down loud,
My heart stops,
At the doorstep feeling proud,
You’re scared,
But you cover your trembling hands,
I’ve left,
A letter in your bag,
To glow bright,
For when it gets too bad,
Wish I,
Could be as close as the words on the page.

To keep you safe from harm,
But the badge on your arm
Means you,
You’re a hero to us all
You’re so brave

I’m so proud to share my life with you,
And I’m so scared,
But can’t say that to you,
I just pray that you come home safe,
You’re so brave

Seems no age at all,
You’re so short,
But standing ten feet tall,
I’ve made,
A promise to stay right beside you

When you don’t think I hear,
You try to hold back the tears
Missing home,
Through the noises that ring so loud,
You’re so brave

I’m so proud to share this all with you,
Yeah I’m scared but can’t say it to you,
I just pray
That we get home safe,
You’re so brave

Today shook my world theres a space right beside me,
I tried my best to save you but all in vain,
Gonna tell them at home how you inspired me,
I’m read my letter over again,
But its tear-stained

I’m so proud to have shared my life with you,
I was so scared and I know that you were too,
I just pray that we’ll meet again
You were so brave

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