Brave-Hearts of Midlothian

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Exploding ground doth shake, with earth heaved high
Above such wispy clouds as hold no rain
Both ‘Lochnagar and Y Sap’ kiss goodbye
To foe who are entrenched, (midst hurt and pain)
Yet still at ’Zero Hour’ – our planned advance
Is met by ‘hail of fire’ from same locale
Resilience (in a word) describes their stance
Tis both a ‘shock and blow’ to our morale
As comrades fall I look for ‘Pals’ from team
Who rallied ‘round when ‘Geordie’ called to arms
Twere numbered then in total as sixteen
Yet none at first are sighted, which alarms
Neath Khaki (some found dead) had donned maroon
Proud “Hearts” who’d no more see “Auld Reekie” toon

Richard Gildea

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