Born in a Manger.

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In the melodious depths of Winter haze
As onto the fields of tranquil white we gaze
From o’er snow clad distance hills so far away
Floats the merry sound of God’s children at play.

Over crystal snow drops, and through pine trees tall
We hear their sweet laughter, and carefree call
And so our hearts sing with such amazing grace,
Then we see deep in our minds, the dear Lord’s face.

This is the time of Happiness and much joy,
For that day long ago; the birth of a boy,
No rooms were to let, in neither house nor inn,
So in a Manger he lay, born without sin.

Jesus the Saviour lay down his sweet head,
With straw as a mattress to line his hard bed,
The cattle were singing with soft gentle joy
Upon Earth had arrived, Marys sweet boy.

Three wise men then came on a visit that day,
Kneeling in the mud, they then began to pray,
Angels in heaven looked down on the scene,
Bright star* o’er the birth place, so peaceful serene.

Leslie de la Haye

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