Bomb Disposals – Mind Proposals.

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As they swept the sun baked ground,
Searching out the I.E.D’s,
Soldiers, highly geared to sound,
For R.P.G’s – quick to freeze.
Know the signs,
Clearing mines.
Ask no quarter from the slaughter.
Brave in fray,
Come what may.
They have now made safe the way.

Finding bombs in close knit team
And working with precision.
Each from the other, wins esteem;
Life depends on right decision.
Nerves of steel,
As they feel
Their way across – not without loss.
None the less,
Win the ground and onward press.

As the village is now clear
Of the enemy within;
Task is now to dispel fear
And the good Afghans’ trust to win.
Never before,
Mattered more,
To help them cope and give them hope
For better life,
Without strife,
For every child, man and wife.

Don Filliston MBE

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