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I am a poppy of man
Blood red in tone,
A petal of Flanders
Oh! How I’ve grown,
From Blood of man
I raised my head,
A remembrance of heroes
Each one dead.
I am a memory of a Soldier
Who went through hell,
I grow in the fields
Where once man fell.
Remember them all
When in the fields I dance,
Blood red of man
Give me a glance.
Tell of their story
When you see me bloom,
Their spirit will be lifted,
Be not gloom.
I thrive on the land,
Where your brothers lye,
Now take yourself a poppy
And wear with pride.
I am a symbol of freedom
That our Soldiers gave,
Their memory I carry
They fought so brave.
Be proud to wear me
Upon your chest,
They fought for you
Now they rest.

Dianne Audrey Daniels

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