Blessed With Friends

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Where would we be without friends?
Completely lost I’d say
Why you ask, do I say that?
Well, let me tell you, my way

I’ve been blessed with many friends
Of which I can proudly boast
For each one has a special place
When I need them most

I have friends to share my dreams with
Friends who’ll help me cry
I have friends to confide my secrets with
They never question why

I have friends who I can offload to
They let me rant and rave
Then there are the ones to keep me sane
Making sure that I behave

I have friends who keep my spirits up
Whenever I feel blue
They make me laugh, they make me smile
They know just what to do

I have friends that are more like family
Some who come and go
Friends who only stay a while
For reasons I don’t know

Each of them is special to me
This is why I share
That no matter where my friends are
If I need them, they’ll be there

God bless you all, my friends xxx

Michaela Turner

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