Blessed Troubadours

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If milestone dates did come and go, without descriptive phrase to note
Our world would be a poorer place without a verse or two to quote
The year as was and yet to come, is chronicled on poets whim
Expression sought to clarify, the hopes and dreams as held within

Our quills are dipped in readiness upon the parchment to inscribe
Articulation of events, both near and far without divide
Where nature’s wrath hath taken toll, around the globe in days gone by
Resilience of mankind won through, our deeds and words becalmed the sky

Whilst rebel souls in justice hoped for regime change, our pens did pause
Adversity met triumphs call, when wordsmiths rallied to the cause
Freedom is the right of man, ‘tis written large in blocks of stone
Equality, Fraternity, and Liberty, doth bring it home

Let Troubadours sing out their lilting poet’s prose, as yet untold
Should fragile hearts need lifting as the coming years ahead unfold
Loving friendships herein forged, through caring in response sublime
Our writers oft’ with Angels dwell, in penmanship that’s so Divine

Richard Gildea

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