Bitter Moon

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Jealous Winter skies of bitter Moon,
darken quickly now, snow’s coming soon,
The Sun has hidden its face of frowns,
Fallen leaves have lost their reds and browns.

Sunshine lays there on the frozen earth,
No longer smiling as from its birth,
North wind blows a melancholy tune,
Rabid wolves then howl at bitter Moon.

Each day now grows that trifle shorter,
Lakes are filled with much needed water,
The snow trickles down with constant ease,
Then once settled, it begins to freeze.

From soft brown earth, frozen over white,
Heads of Crocus seek the harsh daylight,
Robin red breast are now daily seen,
They perch in solitude to gently preen.

Days slowly pass under Winter’s shawl,
Time and life just seems to slowly crawl,
Folk gather in front of blazing fires,
Telling story tall that never tires.

Night creeps ponderous over quiet Earth,
Whilst bitter Moon glares for all it’s worth,
Jealous sky lights with weak sunshine ray,
Welcomes yet another freezing day

Leslie de la Haye

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