Billy the Bat

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Have you heard about,
Billy the bat,
Who sleeps upside down
Like an acrobat
Hanging from claws
His wings tucked in tight
He sleeps through the day
And flies by night
Flapping and fluttering,
And swooping low
But how does Billy,
Know where to go?
He follows the signals
That bounce here and there,
All round about him,
Vibrating the air
Munching on moths
And snapping at gnats
Feeding on flies
And teasing the cats
Skimming the water
Dodging round trees
Laughing at hedgehogs
Scratching their fleas
Oh Billy the bat
Has so much fun
When the moon is high
And hiding the sun
But as he gets sleepy
And to tired to play
He flies back to his barn
To sleep over the hay

Jan Hedger

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