Beware The Pumpkin

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Young Harold bought a pumpkin
The biggest one he’d seen
Took it home upon his bike
In time for Halloween

His brother and his sister
Decided then and there
That this year their big pumpkin
Was really going to scare

Straight away they started
To carve the nose and eyes
And lastly when the teeth were done
They had a big surprise

The orange head began to rise
And darted round the room
Shouting loud obscenities
Emitting doom and gloom

The pumpkin had assumed the form
Of a devil or a ghost
The frightened kids ran from the room
To flee the scary host

They slammed the door behind them
And found their dad and mom
Told them of the frightening thing
And where it had come from

Nothing that their father said
Would get them in the house
They watched as mom and dad went in
As quiet as any mouse

The kids were really startled when
No noise came from inside
So carefully they took a peek
And this is what they ‘spied

No sign of mayhem in the room
In fact no mess at all
Unless you count the upturned chair
That lay against the wall

Whatever force the children saw
Or what they may have seen
Had long since left the kitchen floor
That crazy Halloween

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