Beads of Sweat

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Where do they go when the lay down there heads
those forces of ours don’t stay in there bed.
Their mind will wonder from place to place and
beads of sweat will run down their face.
They will go back in time to a harrowing place
and remember things they have seen, that are
trapped in there brain, they cannot tell, yet
they cannot forget, they scream in the night
the bed soaked with sweat.
This is how it will be for many a year we
wont understand how they live in fear,
fear of the night when shadows they fall
fear of noises that make then drop down
and crawl.
PTSD does not go away it might ease a little
with time, but they will never forget those
harrowing times of the past, and good men lost proberly
there mates.

Ron Brain

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